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2015                         Ph.D., University of Regina, Canada

2010                         M.S., University of Regina, Canada

2008                         B.S. (Hons), Monash University, Australia


2017 - present          Assistant Professor, Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,

                                 Hong Kong

2016 - 2017              Research Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Science Group, Department of Geosciences, Texas Tech University,   


2016 - 2017              Affiliate Faculty, Climate Science Center, College of Arts & Sciences, Texas Tech University, USA

2016                         NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Civil Engineering, McMaster University, Canada

2015 - 2016              Postdoctoral Research Associate, Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Communities,

                                 University of Regina, Canada

2008 - 2015              Research Assistant, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Regina, Canada

2012, 2014               Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Regina, Canada

2009 - 2010              Climate Modeling Intern, Atmospheric Science and Technology Directorate, Environment Canada


​01/2018 - present     Associate Editor, Journal of Hydrology

02/2019 - present     Associate Editor, Journal of Hydrology X

12/2021 - present     Editorial Board Member, Environmental Research Communications

01/2023 - present     Editorial Board Member, Water

07/2020 - present     Academic Editor, Mathematical Problems in Engineering

03/2020 - 06/2021    Lead Guest Editor, Journal of Hydrology, Special Issue: Hydroclimatic Extremes and Impacts in a

                                 Changing Environment: Observations, Mechanisms, and Projections

01/2020 - 12/2021    Lead Guest Editor, Water, Special Issue: Hydro-Meteorological Hazards under Climate Change

2017 - 2018              Lead Guest Editor, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Special Issue: Diagnostic Evaluation

                                  and Uncertainty Quantification of Earth and Environmental Systems Models


2019                         Publons Global Peer Review Award, achieved in September 2019

2018                         Outstanding Reviewer Award, achieved in August 2018 for Ecological Indicators

2017                         Outstanding Reviewer Award, achieved in August 2017 for Journal of Hydrology

2016                         NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

2015                         Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad, China Scholarship Council,

                                 Chinese Ministry of Education

2013 - 2014              Dean’s Scholarship, University of Regina

2012 - 2014              Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship (11/2012, 11/2013, 03/2014, 06/2014, 09/2014),

                                 Government of Saskatchewan

2014                         The Miklos F. Barabas, P. Eng. Scholarship, University of Regina

2014                         John Spencer Middleton and Jack Spencer Gordon Middleton Scholarship, University of Regina

2012 - 2013              Verna Martin Memorial Scholarship in Doctoral Studies, University of Regina

2013                         Edgar A. Wahn Scholarship, University of Regina

2013                         Shen Kuo Travel Bursary, Shen Kuo Research Exchange Program

2009 - 2013             Graduate Research Award (2010, 2013), Graduate Scholarship (2009, 2011, 2013), International Graduate

                                 Student Scholarship (2009), University of Regina


ASCE-EWRI Groundwater Management Technical Committee

European Geosciences Union

American Geophysical Union

American Meteorological Society

International Association of Hydrological Sciences


Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

Climatic Change

Communications Earth & Environment

Earth's Future

Earth-Science Reviews

Earth System Science Data

Environmental Modelling & Software

Geophysical Research Letters

Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres

Journal of Hydrology

Journal of Hydrologic Engineering

Journal of Hydrometeorology

Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management

Progress in Earth and Planetary Science

The Lancet Planetary Health

Water Resources Research



2021                Improving Projections of Hydrological Extremes at Convection-Permitting Scales, China-UK Bilateral Workshop on

                        Coastal Zone Disaster Early Warning and Mitigation Under Extreme Weather, October 28, Online

2021                Future Changes in Hydrological Extremes in a Changing Climate, Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Tsinghua

                        University, June 16, Online

2020                High-Resolution Projections of Future Changes of Hydrological Extremes in A Changing Climate, The 7th International

                        Hydrology, Ocean and Atmosphere Conference (HOAC), July 25, Online

2020                Projecting Future Changes of Hydroclimatic Characteristics Through High-Resolution Climate Simulations, The 4th 

                        International Conference on Environmental and Energy Engineering (IC3E 2020), March 13, Online

2019                Probabilistic Projection of the Dynamic Evolution of Hydrological Extremes in A Changing Climate, Earth System  

                        Science, Faculty of Science, September 20, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2019                Probabilistic Projections of Future Changes in Multivariate Drought Characteristics through High-Resolution

                        Convection-Permitting Climate Modeling, International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research -

                        Hong Kong Chapter (IAHR-HK), August 31, Hong Kong

2019                Convection-Permitting Projections of Future Changes in Hydroclimatic Characteristics, 9th International Conference on

                        Environment and Industrial Innovation, April 26, Bangkok, Thailand

2017                Development of Computational Methodologies for Modelling Earth and Environmental Systems, Climate Science 

                        Center, College of Arts and Science, January 24, Texas Tech University, USA

2016                Uncertainty Quantification in Earth and Environmental Systems Modeling, School of Physical and Mathematical

                        Sciences, March 22, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

2016                Quantification and Reduction of Uncertainties in Hydrologic Predictions, Atmospheric Science Group, Department of

                        Geosciences, May 18, Texas Tech University, USA

2016                Water Resources Systems Analysis Under Uncertainty, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, March 17,

                        Western University, Canada


2019                Probabilistic Projections of Multivariate Drought Characteristics Through Convection-Permitting Climate Simulations,

                        AGU Fall Meeting, December 11, San Francisco, California, USA

2019                Probabilistic Projections of Future Changes in Hydroclimatic Characteristics, Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 

                        (AOGS) 16th Annual Meeting, July 29, Singapore

2017                Towards Robust Quantification and Reduction of Uncertainty in Hydrologic Predictions, International Symposium on  

                        Geoenvironmental Informatics, December 13, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

2015                Interactive Optimization Methods for Environmental Management and Planning Under Multiple Uncertainties, CSCE

                        Annual Conference, May 27, Regina, Canada

2014                An Uncertainty Quantification Framework for Hydrologic Prediction Under Climate Change, AGU Fall Meeting,  

                        December 19, San Francisco, California, USA

2013                Risk-Based Factorial Probabilistic Inference for Optimization of Flood Control Systems with Correlated Uncertainties,  

                        International Symposium on Watershed Management and Flood Control, August 3, Banff, Alberta, Canada

2013                Development of a Clusterwise-Linear-Regression-Based Forecasting System for Characterizing DNAPL

                        Dissolution Behaviors in Porous Media, May 14, Shen Kuo Research Presentation Program, Beijing, China

2008                Comparison of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms with Different Pheromone Updating Strategies, July 16,

                        Gippsland Campus, Monash University, Australia



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